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Are you Event Ready?

Be prepared...

Safety Comes First

Don't get caught out at your next event without sufficient first aid coverage.

Northeast Training can provide on-site emergency Event First Aid Medical Services to people of Victoria and southern NSW.

Northeast Training is a licensed first aid provider approved by the Victoria Government Department of Health.  Noeth East training currently has a basic First Aid Service Level, and hopefully mid 2023 obtain our intermediate first aid level of care

All our staff have a high level of experience and skill level to be able to provide first aid coverage at your next event.

We arrive at your event with all the First aid equipment required to provide first aid to the level of Northeast training's Licence.

What Has Changed in the Industry to Require Licensing?
The Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Services Act 2003 has been recently reviewed, and an amendment requiring licensing for all first aid providers in the industry was implemented as of 1 October 2021. This provides minimum standards in the provision of first aid at events, and providers can only operate to the level they are licensed to (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced).

For more information about first aid licencing 

Examples of some of the first aid events we cover

Examples of Community and Education events we can cover:

  • Community Fairs

  • School Fetes

  • School Camps

  • School Sick Bay

  • Commemorative Services

  • Christmas Carols

  • Parades

Examples of Commercial events we cover:

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Functions

  • Construction Sites

  • Product Launches

  • AGM's

  • Movie/TV Production

  • Local Government

Examples of Sports that we cover:

  • Ball sports

  • School Sports

  • athletics/swimming

Booking Terms

A minimum charge of 4 hours applies per shift; additional time is charged in 15-minute increments.

Northeast Training is engaged to provide Event Health Services within the confines of your event only.

Ambulance Victoria will be contacted if emergency transportation to hospital is required.

Our deployment is based on information provided to us to date. Changes that impact the events risk profile or alterations to attendance numbers or timings may necessitate changes to our deployment which may impact our final fee.

By booking with Northeast Training, you accept that we may email you from time to time to communicate information regarding our services.

Organisations that engage Northeast Training must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (contained in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act) when handling any personal information that we collect at events.

Cancellations for any reason received within 14 days of the scheduled deployment time will be invoiced at one day.

, the organiser must still notify Northeast Training that the event is cancelled, and normal cancelation fees are payable 

Make A Booking

Email us with your event date, time, how many patrons expected at your event and Northeast training will put together a competitive quote for Event First Aid.  

Thanks for submitting, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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