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Important Information


Covid 19 Restrictions


If you have recently returned from overseas, or been in close contact with someone who has recently returned a positive Covid 19 test with via a PCA or RAT test within the  last 7 days, you are not permitted to attend any training, unitl you quaratine for 7 days and return a Negative test

Do not attend a course if you develop a fever, cough throat or any other Covid 19 Symptoms.

Course Attendance Instructions


  • Blended Courses (this is our reduced face to face time courses) include a online component, it is recommended you have access to a PC or tablet and good internet connection.  The training can be done on a phone, but is difficult to see..

  • You need to complete your online training, a min of 36 hours before the scheduled class time, please advise North East Training if this cannot be done.  

  • Participants are required to bring a Pen or Pencil

  • First Aid is Practical training and involves some floor work and assessment for CPR is performed on the floor, participants must physically be able to Perform CPR for 2 minutes on the floor, uninterrupted

  • Where comfortable and practical clothing as some floor work is involved.

  • When an employer pays for participants training the corresponding certificate(s) will be sent to the employer. Please advise if you do not wish to occur and discuss this with your employer

  • Payment can be made by  credit card or direct debit card.  (A invoice for businesses can be requested to be sent, the invoice will need to be paid prior to course commencement,) 

  • Driver’s License, Birth Certificate or other form of identification required (see below). 

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled course time so that registration process can be completed before the course starts. We like to commence on time.

  • Late attendance - our classes start on time, if you arrive late, you may be refused entry to the course you were schedule to attend. 

  • Due to the nature of our first Aid training,we prefer young children not to attend, if there is a issue with this please contact North east Training.

  • In the event you have Covid 19 symptoms, test positive to Covid 19 either via a PCA or RAT test, please do not attend your first Aid course, advise North east Training 03 5777 3237 and we will book you on our next available course.

  • Cancelations must be made in writing to within 72 hours of the course commencement date,  a credit will be held for you for 6 months to rebook or use the credit on other products North East Training Sell.  Cancellations  later than this may result in no credit being applied.

Unique Student Identifier



Unique Student Identifier is now required Under legislation from 1st January 2015 means that any R.T.O will be unable to issue a statement of attainment or qualification unless we have a verified USI attached to the student record.


The Unique Student Identifier (USI) provides you with a portal in which your vocational education academic outcomes are recorded. It is populated through data which and R.T.O is required to submit to our governing bodies. 

For more information please  visit the USI website to apply: 



Until your USI is activated North East Training will be unable to add it to your student record. 

Your USI may be a series of letters and numbers and is case sensitive


Cancellation Policy


In the event you need to cancel your booking for training please note:

72 hour’s notice is required  in writing - You can have your course deferred to the next available course or credit to purchase first aid items. 


Money will not be refunded for payment of a course, in the event of a student no longer wishes to attend the course, or cancelation is not of a result of a COVID 19 infection or contact. A credit will be issued to the purchaser if notice is received in writing to North East Training via email - of a students inability to attend the course they have book for,( notification must be greater than 72 hours before the course commencement)  The credit notice has a 6mth expiry from the date of notification of cancelation

24 hours or less advise of non attendance of a first aid course booking, will result in no credit for the next course, all credits are at the discretion of North East Training.  

Covid 19 Cancelation Policy

If you have any Covid 19 symptoms or have been closely associated within the last 7 days with someone who has been confirmed positive, either via a PCA or RAT test please do not attend, and we will move your course to the next available course. 

* Northeast Training delivers accredited training under the auspices of Safety Corp RTO #91694