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Is your Kit ready?

Fast & Free.

Is your Kit Worksafe Compliant?

You just got a minor cut to your finger, you have gone to the first aid box to get a band aid, only to discover there is nothing in there?  Sound familiar?  Well its not as uncommon as you think and at North east Training, we can ensure your kit is sully stocked and Worksafe compliant.

Audit Process

Are you or your staff too busy to check your first aid kit? When was the last time you opened your first aid kit?

That's where we can help. At North East Training we can audit your kits on a monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly site inspection. ​

Check First Aid Kit Contents

Ensure the kit is compliant to your industry

Remove out of date or items or items that should not be in the kit (returned to you)

Replace any missing or out of date items, clean the kit

Program a return visit based on your company's needs.

Next steps

Your business will then be invoiced for items replaced and for the audit. Costs of Audits will vary on how many kits are on site to be inspected. 


Call us today to arrange a quote for your business, and never have an empty first aid box again.

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