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Quality First Aid Training

A leading provider for Victoria's Northeast

Popular Courses



Perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This course applies to a wide range of settings where emergencies involving cardiac arrest may occur.



Provide First aid

Learn how to provide first aid response, life support, and management of casualty, the incident and other first aiders.



Provide First aid in an education & care setting

Vital for educators and support staff working in education or children’s services who are required to respond to a first aid emergency.

We Believe in Safety for Everyone


Make A Difference

Northeast Training is the First Aid Specialist trusted to provide First Aid Courses, event first aid,  Kits and Servicing of the highest standard in our region.

Contact Northeast training today for a consultation ~ having someone trained in first aid as well as a well-stocked first aid kit could make all the difference in a potentially life-threatening situation. 

About Northeast Training

Welcome to Northeast Training. We are proud to offer Nationally Accredited First Aid courses in Mansfield, Benalla, Euroa and the Northeast Victorian region, ideal for workplace's, sporting groups and home environments.

Our programs are designed to be educational, professional and affordable.


At Northeast Training we provide a relaxed and friendly learning environment with the flexibility of day, evening and weekend classes. Owner and Senior First Aid Instructor April-Ann Currie is committed to providing all levels of First Aid Training to both the public and industry groups...

We also supply quality first aid kits that are compliant to the first aid code of practise. kit replenishment services are also available. Northeast Training can confidently assess. advisee's and supply the kit that best suits your needs for business, home or vehicle.

Northeast training is also licenced to provide event first aid.

Contact Northeast Training today.


Why Learn First Aid?

Northeast Training's First Aid Courses are designed to cater for a range of study requirements and purposes, including; business and employment needs, personal interest and self-improvement. We offer classes on a flexible timetable to suit your individual or organisational needs... 

Essential for my Business

Job Needs or Career Change

Learn New Practical Skills

Confidence as a New Parent

Self Development Goals


 Our Full Services

Nationally Recognised First Aid Courses

North East Training's first aid courses offer an approachable and professional  learning path for industry groups and the general public

First Aid Kits and
First aid Kit Inspections to Worksafe Standards

Northeast Training have Compliant to the First aid Code of practise first aid kits suiting any industry.

First Aid Kits suitable for industry, educational settings, outdoor activities, snakebite kits; and for the home. 

We can also ensure your kit is workspace compliant with an onsite audit.

 Victorian Government Licensed
Event First Aid

Northeast Training provides on-site Event First Aid Medical Services to ensure your next event has sufficient First Aid coverage.

Northeast Training has a basic first aid licence which allows them to provide first aid at events in Victoria.

Northeast training will provide all first aid items required to manage first aid at your next evet.

Contact North east training today.


"Absolutely loved it. John's delivery was precise.  His stories very interesting as well as reflective of the situation. I loved that it didn’t feel like it dragged on & on. Having done a few over the years & although the trainers have been fantastic the format & length of courses have been over the top.


The fact that the online theory prior to practical is available is so awesome. I run a business so having to take days out of my schedule just isn’t financially viable. I will be recommending to anyone. Also very grateful that you are still running these class’s during these times. Thank you." 

—  Natalie Taylor

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